Did passion lead you here?

As the site link suggests, my name is Jason (Chong, “CS” are my middle initials).  I am a West Coaster residing in Eastern Canada.   I’m a beverage fanatic, in the most uncommon of ways.  Others like to collect or drink them, I like to write about their market impact.  That, is my passion.  My contributions cover many beverage categories, from soft drinks to energy drinks to bottled water. The topics span advertising, sales, and research among many others.  I’ve worked with beverage companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Canada Dry Mott’s to analyze their impact on retailers, shoppers, and consumers.

Currently, I lead the insights and category management function with Starbucks Coffee Canada.  You can find more of my contributions on Canadian Grocer, and say hi through LinkedIn or Twitter.

Legal Disclaimer:

The thoughts and perspectives on this site are strictly my own, and do not represent those of Starbucks Coffee Canada.